Many times people make judgments about others due to the fact they do not understand them, they have never taken the time to talk to them and just believe what others say. Unfortunately, this is why people can hate others without ever having met them. The KKK is an example of people hating others they have never met due to the fact they believe what others have said. It is important to never judge people on the what others tells us, we need to make our own informed decisions on people and get to know their character….because physical appearance has no influence on one’s character as a person.

I want you to listen to a girl who experienced people not knowing her as a person, but made judgments about her due to her race. In this story the people did not hate her, they wanted to find out for themselves what she was like.

In order to listen to her story click:

Write a well thought out response to the following question:

How do you think the Jim Crow Laws affected peoples perception of African Americans and specifically the girl in the story?